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How CourseKey Works

CourseKey automates attendance, increases interaction with realtime learning tools and ensures everyone is within the classroom through our patent-pending geo-fence technology.

Built by Students and Teachers for Students and Teachers

What Users Have To Say

“It is very accessible and easy to use. I think the idea and concept are brilliant. Compared to other apps to take participation points, CourseKey is much faster and easy to use.”
Spring 2015 Pilot Student, Spring 2015 Pilot Student
“I initially integrated CourseKey into one class to test the product and compare it to the same class I taught at a different time teaching without technology. I have seen close to a 30 percent increase in attendance!”
Seth Kaplowitz
“The open chat, I believe is a very beneficial way for students to communicate with each other and the professor.”
Spring 2015 Pilot Student
“My favorite part about the tool is the 24-7 classroom chat room. I have organized multiple study groups through it to help cram for my exams”
Spring 2015 Pilot Student
“The CourseKey app was simple to use once on the site. There was no issue navigating and I felt comfortable with the program.”
Spring 2015 Pilot Student

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