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Luke Sophinos

Chief Executive Officer

Luke Sophinos is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CourseKey. A proven executive, founder and futurist, Luke’s built two successful companies, raised venture capital from some of the world’s most prestigious Chief Executives and analyzed software start-ups at the seed-stage fund, Venture51.

Apart of Peter Thiel’s (Founder of PayPal/First Investor in Facebook) $100K mentorship program for young executives, the Thiel Fellowship, Sophinos is back and forth between Silicon Valley and San Diego, constantly learning from CEO’s running SaaS companies both small and large.

Luke’s current start-up, CourseKey, allows educational instructors to tap into students devices within the classroom. The software automates administrative work and boosts class interaction all through a simple and easy-to-use application . Since it’s inception in 2014, CourseKey has grown into a venture-backed business with just under thirty full-time employees.

Sophinos was recently ranked a top twenty-five student entrepreneur in the United States by Entrepreneurs Organization and holds two board seats. One with the Zahn Innovation Incubator and the second for the EdTech start-up, Mystro, a venture built by Rostam Zafari, the original inventor of the rapid Ebola test.

Luke is on a mission to improve education through the use of simple and effective technology.

Thomas Hartman

Vice President, Entreprise Sales

Tom Hartman is the Vice President of Enterprise Sales of CourseKey. Prior to joining the CourseKey team, he was founder and CEO of LB&A Consulting Group, LLC, a general management consultancy specializing in strategy, sales, and both corporate and organization development serving multi-national manufacturers and emerging technology companies in eCommerce, wireless, digital healthcare and digital media.

Previously, Tom was Entrepreneur-In- Residence and a Director for Ventana Capital Management, a California-based venture capital fund investing in information technology, biotechnology, and renewable energy. His prior operating experiences include senior and executive management positions in both high-growth companies and multinational corporations.

From 2006 to 2013, Tom served on the board of directors of International Education Corporation during which time he chaired the audit committee. He is currently director/treasurer of NovaComm, a 501(c3) related entity to EvoNexus, as well as an appointed member of the Industrial & Professional Advisory Council of the Penn State College of Engineering.

Tom received his BS in Electrical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and holds an MBA from The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania.

Ryan Vanshur

VP of Sales & Marketing

Ryan Vanshur currently serves as the VP of Sales and Marketing for CourseKey. As a founding team member, Ryan planned, organized, and executed both sales and marketing strategies since CourseKey’s inception. He is responsible for the growth and expansion efforts across the U.S., helping develop the company from prototype to post revenue in less than 12 months. Ryan is a U.S. Army Veteran who served between 2004 and 2008 and a cancer survivor, overcoming a battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2012.

He is a co-author of Creating Engagement in the Classroom and Program Director of the Creating Engagement Organization, an open, collaborative resource dedicated to improving student learning outcomes and creating more engaging higher education classroom experiences.

After completing his military enlistment, Ryan dove into door-to-door telecommunication sales with 20/20 Communications and would go on to lead one of the top sales teams in the U.S. before transitioning into the insurance industry in 2010. He helped Simple Auto Insurance open and sell a profitable brokerage before returning to pursue his education in 2011. During this time, he managed multiple T-Mobile retail locations and assisted in turning failing stores into cash-positive locations through sales, marketing, and inventory management restructuring.

Ryan earned his A.S. in Business Administration from Victor Valley College and his B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Business, Politics, and Spanish from San Diego State University.

Marc Barron

Chief Product Officer

Marc is a co-founder of CourseKey, where he was recently named Chief Product Officer. In this position, he is responsible for developing and guiding CourseKey’s technology strategy and development partnerships. His role includes: technology planning, architecture design and roadmaps, continued evolution of digital platforms, and overall direction of development strategies.

Marc is responsible for knowing marketplace trends, consumer needs, and development capabilities. He works directly with consumers in order to understand use cases, ensuring the products being developed meet their needs and expectations

Before being named to his current position in the beginning of 2016, he was Chief Information Officer, where he managed internal technologies needed for development efforts. He reported directly to the CEO to ensure development had the necessary resources, budgets and training to deliver expected outcomes.

Prior to 2014, Marc worked for fortune 200 company NextEra Energy Resources where he managed a 1.6-million-dollar budget and worked in project management.

Fadee Kannah

Chief Technology Officer

Fadee Kannah is the Chief Technology Officer at CourseKey. To this position, he brings a passion for technology, learning, and anything computer-related, helping CourseKey to become one of the fastest growing technologies in the EdTech space.

Originally an Iraqi citizen, Fadee and his family escaped turmoil and were accepted into the United States as refugees in 2009. After settling in America Fadee taught himself English, graduated from high school in less than two years, and was given a scholarship to San Diego State.

Fadee boasts experience in software development for multiple industries, including Healthcare, House Services, Entertainment, Automobile, and Education. His career in Education began soon after arriving on campus at San Diego State University (SDSU). He started by earning a job for the office of the Education Opportunity Program. Following his stint there, he was hired by the Education department at SDSU.

While studying at SDSU, Fadee co-founded a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) development firm called HiTech EdVentures (HTEV), a company that grew to more than thirty independent developers, engineers and scientists in less than two years. Additionally, he worked as a consultant and contractor providing his services to different companies and start ups through his personal business.

In 2013, Fadee discovered a vulnerability in SDSU’s course registration software and created an exploit in fourty-eight hours which he later disclosed to the University. The application was then used and adopted by hundreds of student’s to help with their class registration process. Later, he met Luke and since then he as been serving in his current role at CourseKey.

As a distinguished software engineer, Fadee has been recognized as one of the next generation of innovative engineers, scientists, and skilled technology professionals by California Senator Mark Wyland. He was also was recognized as a leader in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) by San Diego State University.