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Steve Altman

Mr. Altman was employed by Qualcomm Incorporated for 24 years from 1989 until his retirement from the company in January 2014.  At the time of his retirement, he was Vice Chairman of Qualcomm.  Mr. Altman also served as President of Qualcomm from July 2005 to November 2011and is considered the chief architect of Qualcomm’s strategy for licensing its broad intellectual property portfolio for wireless communications.  Mr. Altman serves on the board of Dexcom, Inc. (Stock symbol: DXCM) and ViaCyte Inc.,  is the managing partner at AJL Investments, LLC, a family investment vehicle, and is chairman and co-founder of GigTown, LLC, an app-based software platform that enables music fans to discover, listen to and book their local musicians.  Mr. Altman also serves as Chairman of the University of California at San Diego Health Sciences Leadership Board.

Paul Jacobs

Dr. Paul E. Jacobs is executive chairman of Qualcomm Incorporated, where he is responsible for helping guide the development of new technologies and Qualcomm’s long-term opportunities.

A leader in the field of mobile communications for more than 25 years and a key architect of Qualcomm’s strategic vision, Dr. Jacobs spearheaded Qualcomm’s efforts to develop and commercialize mobile technology breakthroughs that have significantly contributed to the growth of both the Company and the industry.

Important developments which began under Dr. Jacobs include: the first smartphone based on Palm OS®, inclusion of GPS capabilities in mobile phones (which led to the acquisition of SnapTrack™ GPS and Qualcomm’s development of gpsOne™ position-location technology), the Brew® platform, which enables over-the-air downloading of applications, QChat™ platform, a voice-over IP, push-to-talk system, Qualcomm® Mirasol™ display technology

Michael Stone

Mr. Stone is the Founder and Managing Member of FS Investors. He was Founder and non-executive Chairman of J.H. Whitney Investment Management, LLC, which focused on Asia-based hedge funds, and he is retired Senior Partner and past President of J.H. Whitney & Co., a diversified manager of alternative investment assets and the country’s first venture capital firm. He joined J.H. Whitney & Co. in 1989 and retired in 2009. Prior to that, he was a management consultant with Bain & Company. He currently serves as a Senior Advisor and Partner of TPG, a private equity firm. In his roles at FS Investors, Whitney, and TPG, he has overseen or been involved with the completion of over 150 investments, cumulatively responsible for several billion dollars of equity capital deployment.