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Founded by University students in 2014, CourseKey solves the many problems of today’s classroom experience. Students collaborated with professors at San Diego State University to re­ invent the college classroom and pedagogy in general. With a hope to no longer just “listen” to lectures, CourseKey gives both students and professors the opportunity to engage within the classroom through the hardware devices they bring with them to class.

2014 was a catalyst for this type of technology as it was really the first time in history that all students had some type of smart device with them at all times – whether it be a phone, tablet or laptop. It created an opportunity to change the way teachers and students participate in the classroom and disrupted the typical educational environment.

The group leveraged San Diego State’s on­campus incubator, the Zahn Innovation Center, to bring their idea to life. Through hard work and dedication they brought the initial alpha version to market with two business classes at SDSU and just under a thousand students. From there the technology continued to grow and transform and before most of the team members had graduated college, CourseKey was in the hands of thousands of students at multiple universities throughout the country.

Today, CourseKey is a leader in higher education technology and classroom experience enhancement, serving teachers and students from colleges and university all across the country.

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